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Year 11 assessment task schedules

Year 11 is the first year of the HSC. Students must select a minimum of 12 units of study. Ten of these units will be continued for their HSC.


Students should speak to their Year Advisor or the Careers Advisor if they have any questions about their subject choices, patterns of study, or further education.


Year 11 students are issued with the assessment task schedule for their courses early in term 1.

Assessment task schedules for courses offered in 2020 are listed below.


The 2020 Year 11 Assessment Schedule is available here (pdf 536 KB)


The scope and sequence for each Year 11 course is also available to download from the table below.

A scope and sequence summarises what is to be taught and the sequence in which it will be taught. The syllabus outcomes that each topic addresses, as well as the assessment tasks, are mapped onto each scope and sequence for easy reference.


Course Information 2019 Assessment task schedules  2019 Scope and Sequence
NESA syllabus (pdf 1462 KB)
Biology (pdf 15 KB)  
Business Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 410 KB)
Business Studies (pdf 16 KB)  
NESA syllabus (pdf 1637 KB)
Chemistry (pdf 13 KB)  
Community and Family Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 703 KB)
Community & Family Studies (pdf 29 KB)  
English Advanced
NESA syllabus (pdf 1316 KB)
English Advanced (pdf 53 KB)  
English Life Skills 
NESA syllabus (pdf 1265 KB)
English Standard 
NESA syllabus (pdf 1378 KB)
English Standard (pdf 54 KB)  
English Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 1384 KB)
English Studies (pdf 27 KB)  
Industrial Technology
NESA syllabus (pdf 773 KB)
Investigating Science
NESA syllabus (pdf 1478 KB)
Legal Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 415 KB)
Maths Extension One 
NESA syllabus (pdf 2008 KB)
Maths Extension One (pdf 29 KB)  
Mathematics Advanced
NESA syllabus (pdf 1953 KB)
Mathematics (pdf 13 KB)  
Mathematics Life Skills
NESA syllabus (pdf 1583 KB)
Mathematics Standard
NESA syllabus (pdf 1965 KB)
Mathematics Standard (pdf 12 KB)  
Modern History
NESA syllabus (pdf 1345 KB)
Modern History (pdf 28 KB)  
Modern History Life Skills
NESA syllabus (pdf 1006 KB)
NESA syllabus (pdf 399 KB)
NESA syllabus (pdf 700 KB)
PDHPE (pdf 19 KB)  
NESA syllabus (pdf 1648 KB)
Physics (pdf 59 KB)  
Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 926 KB)
SLR (pdf 18 KB)  
Visual Arts
NESA syllabus (pdf 525 KB)
Visual Arts (pdf 12 KB)  
Visual design 
NESA syllabus (pdf 421 KB)
Visual Design (pdf 15 KB)  
Work Studies
NESA syllabus (pdf 2694 KB)
Work Studies (pdf 13 KB)  
MEM10105 Certificate I in Engineering- VET NESA syllabus  Engineering  
CPC20211 Certificate II in Construction Pathways- VET
NESA syllabus (pdf 913 KB)
Construction (pdf 41 KB)  
SIT20316 Certificate II Hospitality- VET
NESA syllabus (pdf 76 KB)
Hospitality (pdf 37 KB)  
AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture
NESA syllabus (pdf 58 KB)
Agriculture (pdf 47 KB)