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Frequently Asked Questions

Parent and student portal questions

Getting access to the portal

No portal letter

My child did not receive a Parent and student Portal letter or my child lost their portal letter.

Answer - Students can go to the front office before school or during lunch 2 to get a new letter.

Forgotten student email

My child went to register but forgot their email address and couldn't register

Answer - Students need to register using their student email address. This address is usually the students first name and last name separated by a dot.  For example Jane.Smith@education.nsw.gov.au  

Usually their name is the same as their login for the school computers. Some names, depending how common they are, will also have a number, for example Jane Smith2@education.nsw.edu.au

Any teacher at the school can advise students of what their email address is.

Used access key as password

I used my email address as the username, and the access key as my password and the registration didn't work.

Answer - When you register for the portal your username is:

  • your current email address for parents
  • DEC student email address for students.

Your password is:

  • one that you create. 
  • Your password is not the access key: 
    • Once you have typed in your user name, created a password and completed the rest of the registration form you will then be taken to another screen.
    • The second screen has a field titled Access Key.  Type in the access key from your portal letter.

Using the access key

Do I need to type in my access key every time I log into the portal?

Answer - No. You only need the access key to register. 

Missing content links in the portal

I have registered for the parent portal and there are no links to the other sites used by students at WWHS.

Answer - Download Google Chrome. Sentral have advised that other internet browsers such as internet explorer and mozilla firefox have been known to not display all the text or links available to everyone on the site.

Problems registering or logging on to Sentral

Still having trouble registering or logging on? 

If you have followed the steps carefully and have checked the questions and answers above please send an email to westwyalon-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au with these details:

  • Parent full name
  • Student full name
  • Short description of issue eg.  what stage of the registration process is causing issues
  • A contact number that you can be reached on during and after school hours.

Due to time constraints and teacher availability please email the school for assistance. Please do not call by phone for Parent and student Portal questions.